Every family deserves a safe and stable home

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our low-income housing development

Give the gift of stability and security to families in need of a place to call home.

100+ Families

Provided access to a secure and supportive living environment and given a brighter future.

30+ Years

Providing safe, sanitary, and decent homes to the low income families, including senior citizens.

6 Complexes

Built for the low-income families, with two dedicated only for senior citizens or the elderly.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing quality, safe, decent, and affordable housing where individuals and families can live, work, and thrive.

Story From The Founder

The Mississippi Housing Development Corporation was established in 1988 by a visionary leader, with a mission to provide safe and decent housing for low-income families and senior citizens. Keiva King, the daughter of the founder, is dedicated to carrying on this legacy. Motivated by a desire to address the pressing need for affordable housing, the organization has dedicated itself to creating a positive impact in the community. Over the years, its leadership and unwavering commitment have led to the development of six housing complexes across Mississippi, two of which are specifically tailored to meet the needs of senior citizens. The organization's innovative approach and determination have not only provided homes but also fostered a sense of community and belonging for those in need, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals and families throughout the state.

We Are Proud To Present Our Achievements

In just a few years after its establishment, the Mississippi Housing Development Corporation, in partnership with local community entities, transformed four apartment complexes:

Pace Manor

Pace Apartment Homes

Gunnison Acres

Winstonville Manor

Beneficiaries range from the elderly finding solace and security to the young being inspired by financial literacy sessions. Our joint efforts have done more than just rejuvenate buildings; they've reignited dreams and aspirations. Through shared endeavors, we're crafting not just homes but a brighter future for all residents.

Meet Our Partners

We aims to address the lack of safe and affordable housing for low-income families and senior citizens in Mississippi. Our organization is dedicated to serving those who struggle to find decent housing, ensuring that they have access to a secure and supportive living environment. Through our efforts and the help of our partners, we strive to improve the quality of life for vulnerable individuals and families across the state by providing them with a place they can proudly call home.

ZyZillion Twins Legacy Foundation

Non-Profit Financial Literacy for Kids and Teens

SDCI TNT Construction & Sales, LLC

Landscaping and Construction Services

Granny's Creation

Event Organizers and Facilitators

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

Environmental Consultancy

Dispute Guys

Credit Repair


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